Art Nouveau Style Pendant set with Amethyst Peridot & Pearl

**Freshwater pearl free with every egg purchase**


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The coloured gems in this gorgeous pendant are evocative of the symbolic jewellery worn by the English Suffragettes of the early 1900’s. Under the banner ‘Votes for Women’ they were the forerunners of the Feminist movement today.

The purple Amethyst represents dignity and freedom, the white Pearls represent purity, and the green Peridot represents Spring and the hope it brings.

The colours were decided by Mrs Pethic-Lawrence in 1908, and were worn as a badge of honour and priviledge.

Women such as Emmeline Pankhurst, together with her daughters, and other brave and passionate women, fought for the right for women to vote in elections.

They courageously used civil disobedience, (such as chaining themselves to the railings outside the British Houses of Parliament) to draw attention to their demands. They were imprisoned, went on hunger strikes, and committed ‘acts of terrorism’ – so that we women can have the right to vote.

Wear this piece with gratitude, admiration and pride.

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