Whimsy Pendant / Brooch – Coral

**Freshwater pearl free with every egg purchase**


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The most exquisite concept, design and craftsmanship is evident in this delightfully whimsical brooch. The old, gnarled tree, full of life and blossoms (pale angel-skin coral), grows in front of a rickety picket fence. A ripened fruit (a pearl set with a tiny emerald) has fallen to the ground and rests under the tree. The entire piece is framed by what resembles an old garden shed, yet, at the pinnacle of the roof is set a pear shaped peridot. Signifying optimism, fruitfulness with age, and an acceptance that we can still be productive even when old and wrinkly.

.925 Sterling Silver

Weight 12 gms

Size 4 cm x 2.5 cm

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